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Study Reveals New Method of Reducing Carbon Emission

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Unabated use of fossil fuels poses a serious threat to the environment. However, the addition of wood to the burning of fossil fuel is capable of making it environment-friendly to some extent. Such a conclusion is based on the initial outcome of a study conducted by thermal engineers from Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia. To figure out less environment-damaging ways of energy production, biomass as a source of raw material provides an excellent way of utilizing fossil fuel to diminish emissions.

Burning of Wood with Fossil Fuel Reduces Adverse Impact on the Environment

Professor Alar Konist is the head of Laboratory of Fuel and Air Emission Analysis, Tallinn University of Technology. Professor Konist states that thermo gravimetric analysis used in the study. Meanwhile, utilization of high-speed furnace for thermo gravimetric analysis enables ascertainment of wood’s reactivity at various temperatures, adds professor Konist. Professor Konist further states that the study aimed to learn about the kinetics of biomass combustion. Oil shale and wood used here to maximize the quantity of biomass.

With reduced volume of of shale fuel along with increased amount of renewable raw materials, carbon dioxide emissions likely to drop. In this study, the researchers from Tallinn University of Technology made use of an extremely common natural resource, wood. Wood is used for analysis of co-combustion of both oil shale and wood. Mixtures with around 40 per cent of wood analyzed.

Burning of fossil fuels leads to emission of carbon dioxide into the circulation of the biosphere, which is unlike the burning of biofuels. Solid biofuels comprise a part of the cycle of the biogeochemical system. There exist two major types of environmental concerns connected with fossil fuels.

 Climate-related rules are getting stricter continuously and in near future Europe might be faced with a unique circumstance. In such a circumstance there could be a reduced volume of production but the increased volume of consumption

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