Study ideates energy efficient, wireless charging roads


By virtue of their strong advantage of saving time and reducing pressure on existing power infrastructure, wireless charging roads with energy storage systems are promising electric vehicle solution, says a paper from Cornell researchers published in Applied Energy.

In fact, in the last decade, the electric vehicle industry has witnessed remarkable expansion and technical development during the last decade. It is estimated electric vehicles will account for 48%, 27%, and 42% of light-duty vehicle sales in China, the U.S., and Europe respectively by 2030, according to authors of the paper.

From technical consideration, integrating wireless charging roads into the existing electricity infrastructure and efficient management of corresponding energy storage system are significant for successful implementation of the wireless charging road systems.

Meanwhile, for the work, it involved developing a coupled transportation. This comprises a power system framework to incorporate wireless charging road system into the real-time electricity market. In addition, the researchers proposed Lyapunov optimization-based control strategy for operation of energy storage system cost-efficiently.

The simulation study shows that efficient control of energy storage system not only lessens energy costs of the complete wireless charging road system, but it also alleviates the pressure generated by wireless charging load on the existing power grid. In two numerical examples, the energy costs declines by 2.61% and 15.34% respectively.

The researchers designed a Lyapunov optimization-based control strategy to direct the energy flow between energy storage system and wireless charging roads in a cost-efficient way. The proposed framework comprises three major modules: The extended DCOPF, the hybrid traffic assignment, and the controller.

The hybrid model traffic assignment computes the traffic flow given specific tours across a road network constituting normal traffic lanes and wireless charging lanes.

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