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Stretch Marks Treatment Market to Grow Owing to Innovative Strategy Adopted by Key Players

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Stretch marks are marks on the body due to excessive weight gain. Some of the common causes of stretch marks are weight gain, pregnancy, puberty. With time, stretch marks fade but do not disappear completely. The desire to erase stretch marks completely is main driver of the global stretch marks treatment market. Some of the widely used treatment procedures are use of topical products, and laser treatment. A few of the other factors influencing growth in the global stretch marks treatment market are discussed below –

  • Rising prevalence of obesity across the world is the key factor driving the global stretch marks treatment market. This is mainly due to the changing lifestyle and eating habits of people. Apart from this, lack of physical inactivity owing to the hectic work life, such as for individuals in IT is a major obesity factor.
  • Stretch marks are commonly observed in pregnant women. The global stretch marks treatment market is emerging due to the growing demand from pregnant women. This growing demand is mainly because of the growing consciousness among people.
  • On the basis of end use, home use segment is likely to witness growth in the global stretch marks treatment market. This is because of the easy availability of home-use products and changing customer preferences to go for easy to use solutions.
  • Topical products segment is expected to dominate key share in the global stretch mark treatment market. This is mainly because of the affordability and easy availability of the product. The key players of the marker are focusing to strengthen the distribution channels to cater the growing demand.
  • The top players in the global stretch marks treatment market are focusing on product proliferation so as to tap growth. Apart from this, key players are focusing innovative packaging that offers ease of application to users. Along with the wide array of products, catering to almost every need and budget, is also positively influencing the market for stretch marks treatment.
  • Soaring popularity of ecommerce in particular has proved extremely beneficial to the growth of topical products segment. This is mainly because of increasing internet penetration in most parts of the world. The topical products are classified into creams, oils and serum, lotions, etc.
  • From a geographic point of view, North America is likely to dominate the global stretch marks treatment market in the upcoming years. This is because of the presence of advanced technology for production and distribution of the product. Also inclination of people towards fashion and skin show off is giving a great boost to the stretch marks treatment market in the region. Increasing consciousness about aesthetics and fashion, coupled with strong spending capabilities is the key factor fueling the market in this region.
  • Another important factor for the growth of the global starch marks treatment market is increasing disposable income in the emerging economies. It has been noted that people in these economies are spending more on lifestyle and quality of living. 
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