Stepping Stones for the Oriented polypropylene pouch Market


Globally, the packaging industry across various regions is undergoing new transitions and inclining towards flexible packaging features for the optimum utilization of raw materials. The need for packaging of valuable products with durable and excellent thermal properties is increasing. Oriented polypropylene pouches are made from polypropylene film which can withstand rough handling, making it more viable for use. The low density (~0.91) of polypropylene helps to make the oriented polypropylene pouch market more cost effective. The oriented polypropylene pouches are used in packaging of confectioneries, stationeries, garments, and groceries among others. The packaging industry and manufacturing companies are now preferring oriented polypropylene pouches which are heat resistant, attractive, more transparent, and have the longer shelf life. These properties of oriented polypropylene pouches pave the way for the increment in brand recognition, more consumer appeal, and product services.

The oriented polypropylene pouches provide transparency, thereby enhancing its consumer appeal, which in turn increases product sales. According to consumer demand, a variety of oriented polypropylene pouches of different size, shapes, and designs are introduced in the market. Oriented polypropylene pouches are preferred these days as they are compatible with most modern packaging methods. Oriented polypropylene pouches can be oriented mono-axially or bi-axially depending upon the requirements of the product. The oriented polypropylene pouch market is expected to witness growth in upcoming years along-with different packaging features.

Oriented polypropylene pouch market: Dynamics

The packaging industry has undergone significant change influenced by growing demand for flexibility and convenience. Oriented polypropylene pouches are an efficient source for appropriate handling of products and have helped in enhancing growth in business of manufacturers. The demand for preserved products has given a push to the global-oriented polypropylene pouch market. Two of the key factors which are expected to affect the production of oriented polypropylene pouch is an introduction of other thermoplastic monomers and increasing the cost of raw materials. The manufacturers looking for high printability in the packaging of their product prefer materials such as polyester for enhanced consumer appeal.

The oriented polypropylene pouch market has opportunities for growth in areas where high moisture barrier properties. The ruggedness of material in oriented polypropylene pouch is enhancing its durability. The modified version of bi-axially oriented polypropylene pouch is also preferred these days which contains metalized film, used in packaging of salty snacks, frozen food, and other confectioneries. The oriented polypropylene pouch market is also expanding with increased scope in chemical and agricultural fields. Oriented polypropylene pouch market is expanding in food packaging as it maintains food safety and minimizes environmental impacts. The oriented polypropylene pouch market growth in the packaging industry must lead to the balance between food protection and ecological awareness. The oriented polypropylene pouch market is expected to witness high growth during the forecast period resulting into increase in the significant revolution of the packaging industry. 

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Oriented polypropylene pouch market: Segmentation

On the basis of product type, the global-oriented polypropylene pouch market has been segmented as

  • Side gusset
  • Metallic bags
  • Flat
  • Bottom gusset
  • Others

On the basis of end use, the global-oriented polypropylene pouch market has been segmented as

  • Food
    • Pet food
    • Confectioneries
    • Sauce & paste
    • Others
  • Building & construction
  • Agriculture and allied industries
    • Fertilizers
    • Chemicals
    • Others
  • Electrical & Electronics

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