Spectrum Analyzer Software Market -Latest Trends and Key Drivers Supporting Growth through 2027

Industry Insights

Spectrum Analyzer Software Market – Introduction

Spectrum analyzer software performs the task of signal spectrum analysis which is traditionally performed by hardware instruments/devices. The spectrum analyzer software allows engineers to visualize, analyze, and measure frequency domain characteristics of evolving streaming data or multichannel signals.

The spectrum analyzer software are utilized by the companies to display and computes the power density spectrum and spectrograms for different categories of data types and signals. These data types include bio-signals, audio, streaming data, and speech and communication signals. Spectrum analyzer software is used for third order intermodulation distortion, adjacent channel power ratio, peak finder, and harmonic distortion.

Spectrum Analyzer Software Market – Competitive Landscape

Keysight Technologies

Founded in 1939, Keysight Technologies is based in Santa Rosa, California, the U.S.  Keysight Technologies provides oscilloscopes and analyzers, meters, generators, modular instruments, and network security. The company provides the solution in 5G, cloud, energy ecosystem, Internet of Things (IoT) and measurement fundamentals. It has R&D and manufacturing centers in the U.S., Europe, and Asia Pacific regions.

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TiePie engineering

Founded in 1987, TiePie engineering is based in Sneek, the Netherlands. The company is a global provider of oscilloscope and probes, analyzers, and signal generators operating in 80 countries across the globe. The company offers a solution in instruments for automotive measurement & test, medical application, industrial process automation, service department, educational institutes, and research centers. The company develops and selling the computer control measuring equipment.

Giga-tronics Incorporated

Founded in 1980, Giga-tronics Incorporated is based in Dublin, California, the U.S. Giga-tronics Incorporated provides software and is a global provider of next generation electronic warfare and radar test and measurement equipment solutions. The company provides real time synthesizers, real time threat emulation systems, multi-platform threat emulation, advanced control software suites, and microwave signal generators.

Rigol Technologies Inc.

Rigol Technologies Inc. is based in Suzhou China and has a R&D center in Beijing. The company provides services in 60 countries across the globe. The company has subsidiaries in Beaverton, United States, Munich, Tokyo, Japan, and Germany. It provides digital oscilloscopes, waveform generators, multi-meters & data acquisition, DC power and loads, spectrum analyzer, and RF signal generators. The company offers Internet of Things, spectrum monitoring, multi-domain analysis, and complex modulation.

Spectrum Analyzer Software Market – Dynamics

Increasing demand for wireless technology systems which require spectrum analyzer

For increasing the testing performance of software on the wireless technologies which is increasing the demand for the spectrum analyzer software market. The multitasking capabilities of the spectrum analyzer software is expected to increase the demand during the forecast period. Companies are expected to adopt handheld spectrum analyzers which efficiently impact the demand of spectrum analyzers.

The increasing demand for software based testing creates revenue opportunity for solution providers. The spectrum analyzer software creates opportunities for solution providers to offer technically advanced solutions to industries to perform the testing process more efficiently.

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Integration and pricing of new cost effective software solutions with maximum features and growing demand for used spectrum analyzers restraints the market growth

Integration and pricing issues for customized spectrum analyzer software is expected to restraint the market growth. Increasing demand for second hand or used spectrum analyzers is expected to decrease the demand for spectrum analyzer software during the forecast period. The pricing of spectrum analyzer software also impacts the growth of the spectrum analyzer software negatively.

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