Spectral Sensing Filters Market: Rising Penetration of Technologies such as Wi-Fi, Wimax and Growing Appetite For High Speed Internet Drives Demand


Every material around us has associated with its own unique optical spectral signature. Spectral sensing refers to a technology which is used to determine the information about its material composition. This is done by shining a light on the object under consideration and then analyzing the reflected light from the object top study its properties. Spectral filtering is commonly used to select a certain information or eliminate it from an image based on the wavelength of the information. Spectrum sensing is being recognized as a key application for cognitive radio technology. Spectral sensing filters are used to eliminate the unnecessary information associated with the object under consideration.

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Spectral sensing enables various emerging applications such as color picking, authentication and spectral analysis of substances, materials, foods and fluids. Various key players are engaged in the research and development of state-of-the-art technologies pertaining to the spectral sensing filters. The key manufacturers are making concentrated efforts in order to simplify the optical design of the developer board and shrink the overall device footprint. They are also increasingly focusing on giving customers, tailor made spectral sensing filters.

The sensor providers are also investing significantly for the development of spectral sensors which can be incorporated into spectral sensing filters. The spectral sensing filters are also increasingly being used in the consumer as well as medical sectors. Furthermore, the clients are developing breakthrough multispectral applications such as biometric monitors, chemical sensing, and precision colorimetric applications.

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The increasing use of cognitive radio in various applications by a wide range of industry verticals, the area of spectrum sensing is gaining importance. Moreover, there has been a huge interest in the recent years in detection of orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (OFDM) signals. The reason being, the many current as well as future technologies such as WiFi, WiMAX, LTE and DVB-T, use OFDM signaling. This is expected to be the primary growth driver for the spectral sensing filters market.

Furthermore, the increasing number of smart phone users, rising penetration of technologies such as Wi-Fi, WiMAX, and growing appetite for high speed internet especially from the emerging economies is expected to assist the market growth. The difficulty associated with the development of implementation-friendly algorithms and their evaluation in practical scenarios is said be a restraint for the market growth. However, the growing popularity of the spectral sensing technologies owing to the increasing penetration of wireless technologies across the globe is projected to impact the spectral sensing filters market growth positively.

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