SpaceX Deploys 64 Satellites with Reused Rocket

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SpaceX on Monday launched 64 satellite in one fell scoop for a historic record setting operation. The satellite was deployed from Vandenberg Air Force Base, which is in California. Moreover, the same Falcon9 was earlier used in three space missions. The SpaceX’s Elon Musk is the US tech billionaire and the company founder who has made re-usability as their main goal.

According to SpaceX, the deployment of 64 satellite in a single go is a milestone record for the U.S. take-off vehicle. After seven hour of satellite launch, the spaceflight gave confirmation of successful deployment of the satellite.

The first stage was previously launched during the month of May and August and recovered. Which is in May 11 for the Bangabandhu SSO-A mission and next time on August 7 for Merah Putih.

Moreover, the main motive behind development of the equipment is that it is capable of being utilized 10 times without reimbursement. This is a big step for making the space travel affordable by the company.

Immense influx of New Satellite Pose Concern for Space Industry

Across the globe, India is still know for setting record by sending 104 satellites with one single satellite. However, with the spur in deployment of the satellites into low-earth orbit, the space officials are getting more concern about orbital debris. This may leads to new norms regulations related to satellite launch.

During last month, this issue took center stage for the U.S. Federal Communication Commission which further approves telecom satellite for launch. The agency will try to update the regulation of 2004 which include improvement in the debris migration practice.

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