Sony’s Latest Strap Turns Traditional Watch into Smartwatch

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After unveiling Android Wear watch in 2014, Sony has not contribute much in the smartwatch space. However the company is gearing up for bringing smart features in one’s wrist, working on many innovative ideas. Their latest idea about launching Sony wena straps which can easily go with traditional watch. The straps come as a form of band to connect existing watch, allow people in fitness tracking and contactless payments.

Sony’s new strap hits the market in two different styles. The first one is Wena wrist Active comes with a silicon option – exclusively designed for fitness fanatic people. Another style of the strap is more into metal, for the people looking for a premium design – Wena Wrist Pro.

Although Sony announced for pre-ordering their straps in the UK, however they are yet to confirm the proper release date.

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The metal strap, Wena Wrist Pro is a 20 mm band which is highly compatible with existing classic watches. Sony offer choices between silver and black in these metal straps. Furthermore, their metal strap is also water resistant up to the level of 50 meter and offers sports activity logging. Along with these, Wena Wrist Pro bears a good looking display for keeping track of the notifications.

Sony has kept a room for contactless payments on both of these straps. Wirecard’s Boon app runs this payment technique for iOS and Android. However Sony ensured that their payment technology cannot connect Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Furthermore, Sony has announced to release three watch faces, fitting to the straps for people not owning any traditional watch. The company ensures watch faces workability only with smart straps, which people need to buy additionally to get smart features.

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