Solar Power-based Technology Finds Use in a Wide Array of Applications


Heliogen, a clean energy company, has come up with a zero-carbon method of production of heat of very high temperature. This project has Bill Gates as its investor and it makes use of concentrating solar power-based technology.

Experts have arranged several mirrors in one field. The position of each of the mirrors is such a way that it throws back sunlight into a steam-turbine fitted tower. The rays from the sun change water to steam that powers the turbine and produces power.

Founder of the California-based startup IdeaLab, Bill Gross, states that computing power has a lot to do in this sector. It can substitute much of the labor and material involved in the concentrating solar power-based technology. This makes them superior to conventional solar panel technologies. With the companies cutting renewable power-related costs, the adoption of the technology will become more widespread.

Perovskite Panels are More Efficient and Cheaper Technology than Existing Ones

Nagasaki-based Henna hotel has become popular due to its robot staff. The hotel is now testing a curved wall of solar cells, another invention. This innovation is a micrometer-thin film that is composed of materials known as perovskites. The company Saule Technologies is behind this project. They have also hung such solar cell-powered walls in Poland, Germany, and Britain.

It is cheaper to manufacture perovskite panels in the lab than using predecessor technologies. It has come up as a more efficient technology to change sunlight into energy. There are also other firms, such as Switzerland-based Solaronix SA, China-based WonderSolar, and US-based Energy Materials Corp are venturing into this emerging sector.

As the market for renewable energy market continues to thrive, tech firms are offering attractive features at competitive rates. The research and development process is a continuous one and it allows consumers to select from a large number of optimized features. Scientists are making rapid advancements in sustainable practices in affordable ways.

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