Sodium Sulfate Market is Assessed to Expand at a CAGR of 3.56% From 2018 to 2026


Sodium sulfate (NaSO4) is generally known as soft drink of sulfate. It happens in the gem structure. It is utilized in enormous amounts in different modern and buyer applications. Sodium sulfate is gotten by mirabilite salt. Engineered sodium sulfate is created by lithium batteries and other manufactured procedure. It is all inclusive produced in inexhaustible amounts to take into account the interest from different businesses, for example, cleansers, kraft pulping, materials, glass, and floor covering cleaners.

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More than 50% of sodium sulfate is consumed in the powder detergents industry. It is used as filler material in powder detergents. Low price is boosting the application of sodium sulfate in the powder detergents industry. Growth in the detergents industry is driving the demand for sodium sulfate. Commercially, sodium sulfate is employed as a dyeing agent in the textiles industry. Sodium sulfate lowers the negative charges of fabrics.

Thus, the dyeing process becomes easier and effective. This, in turns, drives the application of sodium sulfate in the textiles industry. Growth of the global textiles industry is boosting the usage of sodium sulfate as a dyeing agent. Furthermore, sodium sulfate is employed in the glass manufacturing process. It is used as fining agent in the manufacture of scum-proof glass. Demand for dust or scum-proof glass is driven by the growth in automotive and infrastructure sectors. Sodium sulfate is also used to convert wood into pulp for paper manufacturing.

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Emerging economies in Asia Pacific such as China and India are major producers and consumers of sodium sulfate products. Sodium sulfate is employed as a cleaning agent in carpet cleaners. Additionally, it is used in oil refining and food preservation applications. Glass is also a key application segment of the sodium sulfate market. However, implementation of environmental norms and presence of significance substitutes (such as zeolite and sodium carbonate) are expected to hamper the sodium sulfate market in the near future. Furthermore, rise in preference of liquid detergents over powder detergents is adversely affecting the consumption of sodium sulfate in the detergents industry. Additionally, inclination of consumers toward sulfate free products/detergents is anticipated to inhibit the sodium sulfate market during the forecast period.

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