Sodium Chlorite Market Analysis by Recent Trends, Development and Growth Forecast by Regions and Applications

Industry Insights
Sodium chlorite is a white colored, odorless powder which is used in the production of chlorine dioxide. Chlorine dioxide is used in bleaching papers, textiles, pulps and it finds use in purification of water. Sodium chlorite is water soluble and slightly soluble in methanol and ethanol. The water purification systems in industries, hospitals, city municipal bodies make extensive use of sodium chlorite. Chlorine dioxide produced from sodium chlorite is FDA approved for water disinfection purposes. Anhydrous form of sodium chlorite is used commercially, as it is not hygroscopic and does not cake during storage. Acidified sodium chlorite is used widely as an anti microbial agent in hospitals and the food industry.
Chlorine dioxide produced from sodium chlorite finds minor application in sterilizing red blood cells prior to transfusion. It is also used in weed control applications. Besides, water purification, sodium chlorite is used in whitening paper and textiles as a bleaching agent. Sodium chlorite in combination with zinc chloride is used in mouthwash, clinical rinses, toothpastes and as preservative in eye drops. The use of chlorine dioxide, a derivative of sodium chlorite, helps in selective destruction of pathogenic bacteria, it is known to be non reactive on useful intestinal bacteria and organic matter such as food or body cells.
The growing healthcare and sanitation industry is a key driver for the market of sodium chlorite. Sodium chlorite is used as an anti microbial agent and disinfectant, owing to which it finds use in hospital operation theatres, waiting rooms and critical care units. Additionally, they are used in the food and poultry industry. Chlorine dioxide is used extensively in public water supplies as it is less harmful than the traditionally used chlorine for water purification. The growing urban population is responsible for the increase in consumption of sodium chlorite used for water purification. Additionally, the growing healthcare industry is driving the market of sodium chlorite. However, sodium chlorite is a strong oxidizing agent and it must therefore be handled with caution. Sodium chlorite is being researched for its use in the treatment of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis; this is expected to open new areas of opportunities for sodium chlorite, if conclusive results for its use to treat this disease are obtained.
Developed countries such as the U.S, Australia and U.K are major consumers of sodium chlorite for water purification purposes. The use of sodium chlorite as a paper and textile bleaching agent shows tremendous growth potential in Asia Pacific, South America and Russia. This is due to the growing paper and pulp industries in these countries. Owing to this, China, South East Asia, Central and South America are the major producers and consumers of sodium chlorite and this trend is expected to continue within the forecast period. The growing demand for high thickness and bright papers is expected to augment the sales of sodium chlorite within the forecast period. DuPont is a major producer of sodium chlorite in North America. Adox and Headline are the two major brands of sodium chlorite manufactured by DuPont
Some of the key players in this market are Alfa Aesar, ABI Chemicals, AngeneChembo Pharma, AOK Chem, Be Pharm, Conier Chem, Debyesci, DuPont, Erco Worldwide, Finetech Industry, J and K Industry, Jalor Chem, King Scientific, OxyChem, Santa Cruz Biotechnology, Shanghai IS Chemical Technology, Sigma Aldrich and Tractus Co Ltd among others

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