Smart Water Management Systems To Tackle Scarcity

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Experts, policy makers, and layman, everyone has discussed climate change and the consequences of human inaction. Humans are largely responsible for most of the climatic change these days. In another hundred years, we will wipe out more than half of the rain forests. As a result, the future generations will have to fight for clean water and air. It is high time that humans swiftly initiate action and make earth a healthier and greener space for all creatures.

Temperature rise is the most critical aspect of climate change. Consequently, glaciers are melting. For instance, couple of months ago, an iceberg twice the size of New York City broke away from Antarctica. On the other hand, the ongoing shortage of clean water in Chennai is a warning that dry days are ahead, and it might trigger rifts among people. As such, without planned smart water management in place, it is impossible for a nation to sustain.

Automated Meter Reading Will Prevent Water Wastage 

Traditionally, water meter reading is a labor-intensive process and then afterwards an upscale method. Many important technologically advanced methods were tried and tested to change meter reading process.

Automated meter reading emerges as a smart water management solution. It is the technology of automatically gathering diagnostics, status, and consumption data from water meter. Further, it transfers data to a central database for analysis, troubleshooting, and billing.

Big selection of sensors on washer, bathtub, sprinklers, dishwasher, showers, and sinks provide data on the water consumption. Utilizing Wi-Fi network in the house and smartphone applications, customers can get all the data through IoT (Internet of Things).

Big data offers many benefits for smart water management. It readily identifies leaks from discrepancies in the feed, comparing it with the data history. Further, big data optimizes water distribution and production through installation systems. Though the technology is still in the nascent stage, it can open new vistas in many directions.

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