Smart Jewelry Becomes Next New Trend Among Fashion-Forward Tech Enthusiasts

More women are now sporting smart wearable devices and accessory design and apparel makers see a massive opportunity here. Smart jewelry could possibly emerge as a whole new market in and by itself over the next few years as the penetration rate of wearable electronics soars. In fact, women could bring in higher business value than men, if one were to go by the findings of recent market studies. The NPD Group recently found in a study that more women than men are prospective wearable device buyers. The same study also concluded that women showed greater willingness to use smartphones for a higher number of activities – beating men at smartphone usage. 
The Consumer Electronics Association, on the other hand, has evidenced through recent studies that the space for smart electronics and wearables is only getting more crowded year on year. The Association found that about 10% of all shoppers interviewed as part of a survey said that they were planning to buy fitness trackers in the 2014 holiday season.  
This is an opportunity that Rebecca Minkoff, a designer of apparel and accessories, hopes to cash in on. A report in CNBC said that Minkoff, who has recently launched an entire collection of smart wearable jewelry that can be teamed with contemporary clothing, fuses together high technology with haute couture. This allows consumers to be plugged in while still looking voguish. As part of this endeavor, Minkoff has designed a bauble called a ‘Notification Bracelet’, which vibrates when the user receives a call or text from his or her chosen list of contacts. 
AT&T announced last month that it would stock this smart jewelry product in its stores, alongside several other smart wearable devices. With Minkoff’s range of smart jewelry already making waves on fashion runways in New York, it wouldn’t be entirely surprising to see more brands jump into the fray.
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Rohit Bhisey

Rohit Bhisey

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