Smart Irrigation Market – Growing Awareness about Water Saving To Propel Growth

Industry Insights

As the name suggests, vehicle analytics aid in obtaining performance data of the vehicles, thereby enabling the manufacturers to formulate effective responses based on the real-time data. Vehicles analytics are gradually pioneering to gain a traction in the automotive industry. The global vehicle analytics market is anticipated to witness an insurmountable during the forecast period owing to the numerous benefits it offers such as threat detection, analyzing driver behaviour, and vehicle tracking. Additionally, technological advancements and need for enhanced safety in vehicles may present growth opportunities for the global vehicle analytics market.

Mounting Need for Mobility Management to Escalate Growth

Recent developments in the transport industry have resulted in an increased demand for vehicle examination and mobility management for vehicular networks. These are major propellants in the growth of global vehicle analytics market. Moreover, automotive industries have realized the importance of cloud connectivity since it offers enhanced traffic management and road mapping. It has also facilitated the inclusion of machine learning in vehicles, thereby enhancing the vehicular technology. These factors have highly supported the growth of vehicle analytics market by diversification of applications.

There a few challenges that may curtail the growth of vehicle analytics market. For instance, high initial investment and concerns related to interoperability may confine the market’s increment. However, expansion in the automotive and transport industries and rising reception of cutting edge vehicular innovations may overcome these blocks and present growth opportunities for the global vehicle analytics market. Furthermore, there is a substantial rise in the amount of data generated by the vehicles that essentially requires advanced data management technology, thus creating new avenues for the market.

Geographically, Europe is anticipated to dominate the global vehicle analytics market. This is on account of rising prevalence automotive manufactures due to a high demand for automobiles. Germany is the major contributor to the market’s growth in this region owing to rising adoption of electric vehicles. Additionally, favourable regulatory policies are responsible for the market’s growth in this region.

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