Smart Hand Sanitizers next big thing under trial to control COVID-19, say researchers


In a bid to educate individuals with the latest workplace hand hygiene to be maintained for COVID-19, ‘smart’ hand sanitizers are trialed across the U.K. as part of a larger study by researchers at the University of Leeds and University of Sheffield.

Interestingly, the working of smart hand sanitizers can catch attention of users. These smart hand sanitizers are integrated with video screens that displays latest workplace hand hygiene guidance. In addition, the gadget provides valuable real-time data that employers can use in the fight against COVID-19.

A product of Savortex- a hand hygiene technology company, the smart hand sanitizers can monitor the frequency of their use in real-time. Furthermore, some of the smart hand sanitizers can send reminders to staff to sanitize their hands, or even restrict building access for individuals who have not. Besides this, smart hand sanitizers could help companies improve their sustainability in the COVID-19 crisis by scheduling refilling of sanitizers in a more effective manner.

Meanwhile, researchers from the University of Leeds and University of Sheffield will analyze the effectiveness of smart sanitizers using data from their trials. Besides this, the research team strives to comprehend view of individuals of integration of smart technologies in their working life, their attitude toward workplace health and safety guidelines, and help employers ensure for the best use of sanitizers in work environments.

In fact, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way people live and work. Not only this, it has changed ways of individuals for the most benign day-to-day interactions such as shaking hands, or reaching the door handle of public buildings. In such a scenario, if individuals are wary of returning to crowded office spaces and workplaces that have increased risk of transmission is quite understandable.

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