Smart Device Brings Hope for Many Brain-related Diseases

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A team of researchers have come up with a wireless, smartphone-regulated device that can render drugs directly into the brain. Further, it is also capable of stimulating brain cells using light. Further, scientists have tested this device on mice.

In a brand new effort, researchers from the Republic of Korea and the United States have designed a new brain implant. This device can not only trigger brain cells but also administer drugs directly into the brain.

The New Device Makes Use of Replaceable Cartridges to Carry Drugs to the Brain

Researchers have named this novel device “wireless optofluidic brain probes” which one can control using a smartphone.

Raza Qazi, the lead author, opines that this wireless neural device makes optical neuromodulation and chronic chemical possible. Further, he claims that this device it first-of-its-kind. Qazi has affiliations with the University of Colorado Boulder and Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology.

The research team has come up with this new tool hoping that doctors might someday succeed in finding out more about the probable reasons for the many different medical conditions that affect the functioning of the brain. These diseases comprise clinical depression, Alzheimer’s disease, addiction, Parkinson’s disease, and so on.

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