Smart Connectivity Module Market Rising On the Back of Flourishing Automobile Industry

Industry Insights

There has been a significant rise in intercity travel among people. There are several factors which are backing this change. Entertainment is one of the major factor which is influencing the traveller’s journey experience.

Smart connectivity module is a standalone solution that allows passengers to access internet during the journey. The technology integrates mobile telecommunication network with GPS in single module and minimize radio waves inside the vehicle. Thus the system helps in efficiently establishing a secure connection inside and outside car. Further, the system allow passengers connect internet in their own devices.

In addition to the telecommunication, the system allows passengers to watch movies, play online games, listen music, tune to high definition radio, download file and store contents. This is expected to offer several lucrative opportunities for the growth of the global smart connectivity module market.

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Some of the other factors expected to drive the global smart connectivity module market in the coming few years. We have mentioned a few of them below, have a look-

  • Advancement in the smart connectivity with the introduction of new generation system such as FOTA service (Firmware Upgrade Over-the-Air) is another factor expected to fuel the smart connectivity module market. This allows higher security to the users and also help in updating the vehicle’s software without any physical need to connect with the device.
  • Booming automobile industries is another strong expected to drive the global smart connectivity module market. This is mainly because of the nature of product is directly dependent on the smart connectivity module.
  • However, despite several opportunities in the global smart connectivity module market compatibility issues of the SCM software in several vehicles software are major containing factor. Further, frequency and costly maintenance required are some other factor expected to impede the growth of the smart connectivity module market.

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