Smart Agriculture Flourishes with Technological Influx



Growing penetration of smartphones due to the COVID-19 outbreak has been one of the key trends that is being witnessed in smart agriculture sector. Since mature markets like the U.S and countries in Europe have been fast in adoption of smart agriculture technologies, the influx of mobile phones in developing countries of India, Africa and the Middle East hold lucrative value-grab opportunities for tech companies. But what are the ways to accelerate the use of smart agriculture technologies?

Overview of smart agriculture technologies for maximization of profits

The success of agricultural business is weighed in terms of total yield produced by any given country. Smart agriculture technologies help to boost output capacities that result in increasing bottom lines. Since most farmers are low on literacy, tech companies should invest in developing focus groups and form training programs for producers which help them to gain business independence.

Fundamentals for a robust smart agriculture infrastructure can be viewed in terms of:

  1. Use of IoT and 5G: Since rural and underdeveloped regions in saturated markets like in the U.S. need to be empowered, the Internet of Things and 5G infrastructure holds the capability to gain actionable insights on climatic conditions and livestock farming.
  2. Investment in Robotic Machines: Agriculture is a labor-intensive task. Farmers can automate repetitive tasks like watering in smart greenhouses & planting of seeds, and can better focus on more important tasks like procuring the best prices for their yield.
  3. Predictive Price Analysis: Farmers have had a history of debts and malicious agreements by land owners, leading to increasing number of suicides in India. Tech companies should join forces with investors looking to improve the foundation of agriculture in India to increase the availability of training programs and focus groups that teach the use of predictive price analysis software.

All fingers point at strategic collaborations to empower farmers toward a resilient smart agriculture infrastructure.



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