Slack Regulated Customers Empowered with Control of Encryption Keys

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Slack – the collaboration specialist company empowers its regulated customers. For its proprietary communication app Slack- the company is launching Enterprise Key Management (EKM) tool. Using this tool, customers have control on encryption keys. This is however, only for the enterprise version of the product.

The add-on feature for Slack should appeal to customers especially in regulated industries. Industries that need tighter control over security. This includes financial services, healthcare and government that typically do not have adequate collaboration tools for use. Hence, the tool designed to cater to the particular security needs of these business areas, stated chief security officer at Slack.

Encryption Keys Tool flexible to enable or revoke depending on need

The capability of Slack currently is limited. It merely encrypts data while in transit or when at rest. The new tool, however, augments this capability. With the new tool, customers have greater control on encryption keys. Customers can also revoke the control on encryption keys if required for security reasons.

Be it companies of any size big or small, enterprise key management is a key requirement of expanding business undertakings. The tool has been a request from several Enterprise Grid customers of Slack, adds the executive. β€œThe add-on feature for Slack is to give customers full control on encryption keys, enable or revoke whatever the need may be,” he further added.

The flexible nature of enterprise key management tool is significant. More so, when customers of Slack are outside the organization, which includes partners, contractors, or vendors of Slack communications.

A big plus of EKM is in the event of suspicious activity or security threat. In such situations, security team can shut off access to content should the need arises.

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