Silicon Temperature Sensor Market Rides on Increased Demand from End Users


Temperature sensors make measurements of the amount of coldness or heat that is produced by a system or an object. It enables anyone to detect if any physical change has occurred to the temperature through a digital or analogue output. Silicon-based temperature sensors provide precise and accurate measurement. It also provides a long operating life for various automotive applications, right from engine monitoring to climate control. These factors are likely to propel growth of the global silicon temperature sensor market in forthcoming years.

Low Cost of these Sensors to Bolster its Demand in the Market

Silicon temperature sensors are integrated in a silicon-integrated circuit at a very low price. These sensors give exact measurements and long-term stability, which is expected to boost the global silicon temperature sensor market. In addition, these sensors come with limited temperature range, linear output, low cost, and relatively small size. Such feature richness of the product is likely to stimulate growth of the global silicon temperature sensor market over the assessment tenure.

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In many applications measurement of temperature with long-term stability and high accuracy are of utmost importance, which is why silicon temperature sensors find abundant use in various industrial application, climate control applications. Applications in security domains, automation also make use of silicon temperature sensors abundantly. Silicon-based temperature sensors also support mobile, data center, industrial, and medical applications. All of these benefits are estimated to trigger growth of the global silicon temperature sensor market in years to come.

North America is likely to emerge as a leading region in the global silicon temperature sensor market and is expected to continue with the dominance over the tenure of assessment. Growth of the market is ascribed to massive investment made in the research and development activities by the market players that are operating in the region. Asia Pacific is estimated to rise to prominence at a rapid pace over the assessment tenure, due to increased adoption of these cost efficient sensors.

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