Sewer Cleaning Trucks Market : Analysis By Recent Trends, Development 2025


Sewer cleaning and its disposal have been major environmental concerns in the recent years. Sewer cleaning trucks are the automated trucks used for sewer cleaning operations. These operations, though mostly performed in summer and fall, are carried out throughout the year. These are the times when rain causes dirt and debris, which clogs and jams the sewage systems. Two types of cleaning systems are used: jetting and vacuuming. Jetting is a process wherein a high-pressure water hose is pushed through a dirty pipeline flushing away the residue. On the other hand, in vacuuming, sludge and other contaminants are pulled out through a vacuuming system disposing them off in a sludge tank.

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Moreover, for more effective cleaning, these two methods can be implemented simultaneously. The benefit of carrying out both these processes simultaneously is that sewer cleaning releases water at a high pressure into the manhole to flush out all the debris and sludge clogged in the pipe. At the same time, the air-vacuuming system sucks all dislodged debris to dispose it off into bins. With both of these systems working together, cleaning of the sewer line becomes more efficient.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) fosters the use of sewer cleaning trucks, as some of the waste poses potential threats to the environment. Hence, sewer trucks are employed for cleaning and disposal of such wastes, thereby reducing the environmental impact. This is the prime driver for the sewer cleaning trucks market. Rapid industrialization in developing countries is increasing the production of sludge in the sewer, thereby making its cleaning and removal important.

This, in turn, is expected to drive the market for sewer cleaning trucks in the near future. Stringent government regulations pertaining to the cleaning of sewer are expected to fuel the demand for sewer cleaning trucks in the next few years. Growth of the chemical industry coupled with the expanding metal processing industry is expected to be a major driver for the global sewer cleaning trucks market in the next few years.

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The global sewer cleaning trucks market is highly fragmented in nature. The leading players such as Vac-Con, Sewer Equipment Co. of America, GapVax Inc., Super Products, and Vactor Manufacturing, Inc. held less than 20% of the market share in 2015. On the other hand, more than 50 other companies manufacturing sewer cleaning trucks collectively held 80% of the market share in 2015

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