Serological Testing Market: High Prevalence of Infectious Diseases is a Major Driving Factor


The world is marked by novel bacterial and viral infections. Especially, in the last decade a number of epidemics have raged the planet. Some of the notable ones have been E-bola, Zika, and Nipah. Often these required serological tests to figure out body’s response to infections, so scientists could understand how to fight it better and if a successful response has been developed. This helps in diagnosis sometimes but limits efficacy as it does not detect virus itself. Majorly, it helps healthcare professionals in studying immune response.

Today, when humanity is facing a pandemic – COVID-19 – the need for these tests has increased substantially as these are set to help healthcare professionals figure out if a person will be susceptible to a relapse or can return to normal life. Besides, as people who have fought it off successfully are identified, they can contribute to further research by providing plasma to facilitate treatment.

This, along with a few other factors, is set to drive the market on a higher growth trajectory over the coming period. This means that over the next few years, opportunities will emerge and market worth would improve. Additionally, it is worth noting here that North America would hold a major share due to massive geriatric population and Asia Pacific would grow at a significant rate owing to high incidence of infectious diseases.

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Here, it is worth noting that the global serological testing market is extremely fragmented with a large number of players aggressively and actively seeking treatment for a number of infections. Some strong regional players are holding a notable grasp on market share. Some of the renowned names in the global serological testing market are Serological Research Institute (SERI), Chembio Diagnostic Systems, Inc., Advanced Diagnostics, Inc., Randox Laboratories Ltd., Eurofins Scientific, Becton, Dickinson and Company, Quest Diagnostics, ELITechGroup, Immucor, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc., Beckman Coulter, Inc. (subsidiary of Danaher Corporation), Creative Diagnostics, and Grifols, among others.

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