SeaBubbles Launches its First ‘Flying Boat’

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Even though we were assured of flying cars, flying boats are not a bad launch either. SeaBubbles is a boat startup that manufactures flying boats. It utilizes gas to run the machine instead of electricity. It launched one of its 5 main trial boats. This new boat comprise of aviation and nautical industry technologies and intelligent software so as to increase the body weight of the boat. It was done using foil, as it uses less energy, since it has the ability to ride on the rougher water, with lessen drag. It even keeps the passenger cabin comfortable. When the boat is raised a bit, it is known to fly.

The concept of SeaBubbles took place in Paris, three years back. It was Alain Thébault, the sailor, who piloted and designed Hydroptère, who also dreamt of SeaBubbles. He also designed a similar system where the boat was lifted up, which made it look like flying. This boat made a world record of 50.17 knots, which was twice the sailing speed. Meanwhile, Anders Bringdal, co-founder of Seabubbles is famous four times world champion in windsurfing. He has a record of 51.45 knots speed, in his name.

Main Idea was to reduce Pollution and Congestion

These two men together ideated the Seasbubbles, with a motive to reduce road traffic in the cities. They also aimed to leverage the cities’ waterways, to help people move around and commute faster in these water taxis. Bringdal says, “Currently, cities have one common thing, and it is congestion and pollution.” This is the main reason behind the idea of flying boat.

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