Screen-print Label Market Size is ready to turn the sales for 2016 – 2024!!!

Industry Insights

One of the most vibrant and fast-changing element of the packaging industry is the product label, that not only provide customer with product information, but also replicate the product manufacturer’s brand by acting as a differentiating factor in product packaging.

Screen-print technology can deliver high levels of sophistication regarding multi-process imaging, accurate, speedy automatic dispensing for premium prime labelling applications. Screen-print labels are also the preferred technology for flexible information print labels – for example, track-and-trace/barcoding, and in store price-weight applications, using thermal or uncoated paper stocks. The increasing purchasing power of average customers and upswing in the adoption of innovative labelling tools are factors that have led to the significant growth in demand for screen-print label market globally.

Screen-print Label Market – Market Segmentation:

The global screen-print label market can be segmented on the basis of material type, ink-system type, durability type, end-use and by region. On the basis of material type screen-print label market can be segmented into paperboard, metal, plastic, glass. On the basis of ink-system type screen-print, label market can be segmented into conventional solvent-based, UV-based, water-based screen printing inks, glass-ceramic inks and others.

Based on the durability of the screen-print label, the market can be segmented as a permanent screen-print label and temporary or removable screen-print label. On the basis of end use screen-print label can be segmented into food & beverages, automotive industry, cosmetics and personal care, clothing industry, pharmaceutical industry and others. On the basis of region, screen-print label we have segmented into North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Middle East & Africa.

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Screen-print Label Market – Market Dynamics:

Screen-print label market is pegged to remain one of the most key forms of labelling. Growth in demand for screen-print label market is expected to be strong for several reasons. Screen printing allows for printing on substrates of any shape, thickness, and size and also for printing front and backside of a clear label to ensure that lettering shines through.

Screen-print Label Market – Regional Outlook:    

Screen-print label market is expected to register a high CAGR for the forecast period. Depending on geographic regions, screen-print label market is segmented into five key regions: North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Middle East & Africa. Asia Pacific is expected to witness the maximum growth in the screen print label market primarily driven by the developing countries like India and China. The rising disposable income, growth in the retail industry, urbanization are some of the factors that contribute to the growth in the developing countries of Asia Pacific. Europe is also expected to experience the healthy growth in the screen print label market as it accounts for over 60% of market share in the overall label market. North America is expected to achieve an above average growth in the screen print label market over the forecast period.

Screen-print Label Market – Major Players:

Some of the major players identified across the globe in the screen-print label market are Emballator Tectubes, CTL Packaging, CCL Industries, Viva Healthcare Packaging, Vetroplas, JACO Manufacturing Company, Verstraete IML, AFM – American Film & Machinery, Axon, BestCode, Diagraph, An ITW Company, Domino, Domino Digital Printing, EPI Labelers, FoxJet, An ITW Company, Frain Industries, Iconotech, Guangzhou DOY Label Co., Ltd., Xiamen Okay Commodity Co., Ltd.

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