Scotland-Based Smart Tech Company’s Solution for Golfers Gets £415,000 Investment

Smart technology solutions designed especially for sportspersons have been making waves of late, but for the most part, golf has remained out of the focus.  Spotting this gap, Shot Scope, a Scotland-based startup is cashing in on its patent pending technology to track the performance of golf players. The firm has just closed a round of funding from Equity Gap, an angel syndicate group for the manufacture of wearable technology especially for golfers, in what is being termed as the “world’s first” such technology. The investment is valued at £415,000.
This round of funding was also backed by the Scottish Investment Bank and the Old College Capital. Shot Scope was established in 2013 by David Hunter, an electrics design engineer – his technology is designed to track the vital statistics of golfers automatically. It doesn’t merely collect scores of golfers; the technology has been designed such that it presents statistics based on these scores to help golfers analyze their weak points and improve their score. 
The device, which is smaller than the average wristwatch, is designed to ensure that a golfer doesn’t have to push too many buttons or provide inputs that would interrupt the course of his or game. The data from the device is directly sent to a mobile application, which is the graphical interface for the sportsperson. 
The product is slated to launch in the US and UK markets in January 2016. With this additional funding boost, the company will now focus on product development as well as the manufacturing process.
Elaborating on the opportunity that he spotted in the smart wearable devices space for golfing, Hunter says that golfers are known to be obsessed with the finer nuances of their performance. The fact that several golfers still use pen and paper to track and analyze their sporting performance was surprising—Hunter thus decided to fill in this gap with smart technology.
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