Scintillation Vials Market Growth Analysis By Manufacturers, Regions, Type And Application, Forecast Analysis

Industry Insights

Global Scintillation Vials Market – Overview

Growing preference for a container to store drugs safely is a concern for several pharmaceutical companies. As a result of this, pharmaceutical packaging manufacturers came up with innovative packaging formats such as scintillation vials. Apart from storage, scintillation vials are used for gamma counting, chromatography, and culturing. Scintillation vials permit easy UV light transmission and are light-weight, which allows increased counting efficiency. In addition, scintillation vials helps to preserve and protect the drugs and also helps in the detection of microorganisms. Scintillation vials are easy to clean, dust resistant, and non-reactive with the samples stored in it. Furthermore, scintillation vials made of glass are eco-friendly and also maintains hygienic conditions. Scintillation vials can be recycled, which can reduce the issue for disposal of waste. Scintillation vials made from glass resists oxygen permeation, which prevents the drugs from degradation. Glass scintillation vials resist the escape of volatile ingredients, thus keeping the sample in its original form. Scintillation vials are available in market made up of materials like glass polyethylene, polyethylene terephthalate, etc. depending on need of the customers. Scintillation vials are available with caps and without caps based on its usage. Capped scintillation vials are the most preferred owing to its prevention from chances of spillage and contamination of samples. Scintillation vials are extensively used in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry.

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Global Scintillation Vials Market – Dynamics

Changing environmental conditions have led to an increase in health problems and diseases. Need for a safe and hygienic storage system is anticipated to drive the market for scintillation vials. Scintillation vials are growing on the backdrop of upsurge demand from several end use like biotech, life sciences, pathology, etc. In addition, evolving pharmaceutical sector can act as a boon to the development of scintillation vials market during the forecast period. Furthermore, increasing awareness about health concerns has led to increased checkup rates, which is driving the scintillation vials market. Scintillation vials can be reused and recycled, which behaves as an eco-friendly product and can gain attention of the consumers’. Plastic scintillation vials with caps are easy to carry and are even light weight and tough as compared to glass scintillation vials. Moreover, government regulations for disposal of plastic waste can hamper the plastic scintillation vials market during the forecast period. Glass scintillation vials are vulnerable and can easily break thus can hinder the global scintillation vials market during the forecast period.

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Global Scintillation Vials Market – Regional Overview

In North America, Canada is anticipated to witness the uppermost growth for scintillation vials market during the forecast period. In Asia Pacific region, India, China and South Asian countries are estimated to witness extensive growth for scintillation vials market. Moreover, the Middle East & Africa (MEA) scintillation vials market is projected to witness sluggish growth during the forecast period. 

Global Scintillation Vials Market – Key Players

A few of the key players in the scintillation vials market Sigma-Aldrich Corporation, DWK Life Sciences GmbH, Kartell Labware, Qorpak, Inc., Pacific Vial Manufacturing Inc., JaincoLab, RPI, Corp., AccuStar Labs, etc. Some of the local and unorganized players are also estimated to contribute to the scintillation vials market during the forecast period.

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