Scientists Unveil Neural Activities of Zebrafish Brain


As per a recent publication of the journal the Cell, scientists have discovered the neural activity of zebrafish brain. Understanding brain functioning has always been a subject that researchers were unable to answer. However, with the new experiments, can easily study the brain of the zebrafish and understand how the neurons affect its decision making. To complete their study, scientists put the zebrafish under observation. This allowed the researchers to predict the movement of the tail of the fish. Moreover, scientists were also able to prepare a 3D model of the neural network of the fish’s brain.

How Scientists Prepared the Environment?

To perform the experiment and derive quality result, scientists first trained the zebrafish. It was first made aware of its surroundings and then taught to react to a particular goal. In this scenario, the goal was to ask to turn off the laser that was heating the water. The laser what to be shut off only when the fish flipped its tail to right. This is similar to training a machine learning model. After a few attempts, the fish remembers how and when the temperature of the water shall become normal. Once, both the fish and the researcher were in sync, the researchers studied the neural activity of the fish’s brain. Using the study, the scientists were able to predict the movement of the tail.

Cerebellum a Shocking Player

During the imaging of the neural activity, scientists discovered that maximum activity was in the cerebellum. Using high-tech imaging technologies, scientists say that more than 5000 subsets of the neural cells were controlling decision making. Scientists are further expanding the range of their experiment, which will help them understand the decision making in other organisms. The time is not far when researchers will be able to predict the decision made by humans.

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