Scientists Discovered Ways to Manipulate Light, Reveals New Study

Industry Insights

Recently, researchers from the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) have found unusual qualities in the light. These activities could lead to an entirely new way of electronic devices and applications. Light plays a vital role in computing and telecommunication. Light has also facilitated a vast scope of telephone calls and internet connections through the optic fiber.

Optical Ring Resonators Primarily Used To Control Light

According to the Physical Review Letters, researchers in NPL investigate how to control light in an optical ring resonator. This device can store enormously high light intensities.

This a first study carried out for optical ring resonators. Optical ring resonators find use for the relationship of two types of spontaneous symmetry breaking. The study involved analyzing time between pulses and the way it is polarized. This helped researchers to reveal new ways to manipulate light.

Generally, light displays phenomenon of time reversal symmetry. This implies if time reverses, light must go back to the origin. Nevertheless, at high light magnitude, the symmetry breaks inside optical ring resonators.

Furthermore, light can instinctively change its polarization in ring resonators. Similarly, when guitar string originally plucked in the vertical direction but unexpectedly it starts vibrating clockwise or anticlockwise circular motion.

This study has improved understanding of nonlinear dynamics in photonics. It has helped in directing the development of better optical ring resonators such as making atomic clocks for precise timekeeping. It has significantly benefited scientists in understanding how to influence light in photonic circuits in sensors and quantum technologies.

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