Scientists Discover Rare State of Matter – Quantum Spin Liquid

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TbInO3, a rare earth-element exhibits a rare state of matter – quantum spin liquid state, points out a study. Members of University of Liverpool and McMaster University suggest that TbInO3 behaves as a quantum spin liquid in specific conditions.

Magnetic moments in quantum spin liquids behave like a liquid preventing freezing, thus giving way for extraordinary properties of the material.

Materials in Quantum Spin Liquid State can Find Applications in Quantum Computing

Terbium, a rare-earth element triggers the quantum spin liquid state in the compound due to the complex environment around its magnetic ions. The development was a surprise as TbInO3­ does not exhibit rare magnetic behavior owing to its crystal state. Sophisticated technologies like muon spectroscopy and inelastic neutron scattering trigger this rare magnetic behavior in the compound.

Nobel Laureate Philip Anderson proposed the quantum spin liquid state theory 40 years ago. Many scientists dispute the applications of quantum spin liquids. However, research is on to identify new materials that exhibit this state of matter. Furthermore, research points out that such materials may have potential applications in the field of quantum computing.

Scientists add that TbInO3 a fantastic magnetic material, and there are many more properties to discover. The availability of state of the art infrastructure aids complex scientific research today. For instance, facilities that can produce particles like neutrons and muons allow scientists to study the atomic structure of materials.

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Rohit Bhisey

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