Scientists discover method to upkeep cybersecurity of vehicles’ electronic devices

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In a new development, scientists from St. Petersburg Polytechnic University have improved the mechanism of cybersecurity system. The improvement in cybersecurity system is underpinned on electronic control unit of modern vehicles.

The findings of the study is published in the science journal Nonlinear Phenomena in Complex Systems.

In fact, the basis of modern road transport systems is complex cyber-physical systems. Nonetheless, car electronics have several security problems, and to find a solution for this is difficult. This is mainly because of limited computing power of electronic control units and stringent requirements of speed, including data transfer rate. Meanwhile, most scientific articles splits the internal network of motor vehicles into a number of domains based on their purpose.

The distinction of internal network of motor vehicles is relevant for solving relatively simple problems not suitable for flexible configuration. The domains are divided not according to their intended purpose, instead on their integrity level. The integrity level characterizes the vulnerability of each specific electronic unit to cyber attack and the potential harm in the event of disruption of each electronic unit.

To present a solution for this, the scientific group developed a simulation model. The simulation model groups the control units of the on-board system of a vehicle automatically, and divides it into domains. This serves as an advantage as the security breach of the control unit does not lead to negative outcomes. The modular nature and scalability of the simulation model is icing on the cake.

“In addition, the simulation model does not impose restrictions on computing resources, and also minimizes the redundancy of applied security measures,” stated one of the associates of the study.

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