Salesforce Offering New Service Based on IoT


Salesforce suggested the Internet of Things is an effective way to embolden people working in field service. Now, the company proclaimed that the technicians working in the field would receive IoT data on their devices. This information will be connected and available to the customer service agent by connecting to the service cloud.

Illustration on IoT signals in the service cloud, agents can decide whether the device is failed or not. This can quickly determine the problem’s source and able to send the right mobile with accurate skill sets. The SVP and GM of the Salesforce Field Service Lightning Paolo Bergamo provided this information.

Usage of IoT data in field services is been into the discussion from past years. This is a new feature the company is unveiling. It can also provide a smoother experience for their advanced repair technology. It offers the ability that the technician can visit the equipment. Theoretically, it can be an effective technique in the service calls.  

This initiative with the vision, service industry – especially, field service industry – is selling the subscription to numerous devices. It also involves devices such as an air conditioner. This means that dealer can be responsible for maintaining and access to the customer of their data. This process is able to provide the ideal service and the stage where vision becomes reality. 

Many companies are perhaps not ready to accept this change. Most of the equipment in this field is fitted with sensors to deliver important information and data to the service cloud. Yet, companies such as Salesforce are launching these services.  

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