Safety Programmable Logic Controller Market To Rise On Account Of Soaring Demand Form End Use Industries

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Programmable logic controller devices are widely used in industries to control processes and immediately switch to a safer state in case any fault in the main switch.

With the passing time, industries have started realizing the fact that they need an efficient switch control system than help them balance electricity supply in case of peak hours. This protects their equipment from voltage fluctuation and increase safety in their industrial environment. This is a key reason behind the inception and commercialization of PLCs.

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With increasing industrialization, need for an efficient business model has increased and this is expected to be a key factor behind the substantial growth of the programmable logic controller market. Likewise, there are many other factors which are expected to propel the safety programmable logic controller market in future. We have mentioned a few of them for you, have a look-

  • One of the strong factors expected to fuel the global safety programmable logic controller market is a unprecedented increase in industrial automation. Such as the control of machinery on factory assembly lines, light fixtures, power distribution systems and power stations. This is mainly because automation decreases human intervention and increase process efficiency through optimal utilization of resources.
  • Big industry players like Schneider Electric, promoting industry automation to reduce costs and enhance efficiency. This is expected to reduce energy cost by 70%. Similarly several other automation providers are also emphasizing on industrial automation. All these factors are expected to surge industrial automation market in the coming years. And this is expected to boost the safety programmable logic controller market.
  • It has been noted that industries are opting for safety PLCs over traditional PLCs, this is mainly due to the increased demand for safety in industries coupled owing to soaring demand for automation. This is because it helps avoid workplace injuries.
  • On the flipside, manufacturing industries are a prime consumer of safety programmable logic controllers. And in last decade several industries have witnessed a sluggish growth owing to several issues. For instance, growth in the oil industry is suffered due to fluctuating crude oil prices.  Most of them are not able to recover from the slowdown, which started in 2015 and was caused by slump in prices and an oversupply. This is expected to dampen the prospects of the safety programmable logic controllers market.
  • However, in last few years manufacturing sector are slowly recovering from market loss and it is expected by the end of 2020 end the sector could counterbalancing the downturn and open new avenues for the growth of the safety programmable logic controller market.
  • Aapart from this, the inability of the PLCs security systems to inhibit the external attack over the switches is considered as a big flaw in the design of the system. The entire system is a open source tools that allows organization to upload and download data without any authentication.
  • If attackers have knowledge of the different tags used in a project that may control a critical infrastructure than they can easily attack the system. This is a big flaw in the design of the safety programmable logic controller devices.

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However, the above design flaw can be controlled with the addition of safety circuit to the architecture. Again, this will increase costs and load on the main circuit.

Overall, the safety programmable logic controller market has a bright future ahead, but the road is paved with data insecurity and deceasing growth of end user industries.

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