Safer electric vehicles with High Energy Lithium-Ion Batteries

Safer electric vehicles with High Energy Lithium-Ion Batteries


Energy density and safety are the most important components for safer electric vehicles. Therefore, s balance between both is necessary. But, it does not happen. For instance, if a vehicle has a high-powered battery, it can perform in a better manner. Moreover, a high powered battery has maximum chances of exploding or catching fire. This puts a question mark on the safety of the vehicle. In contrast, if a vehicle has a low-powered battery, safety is on a higher scale but the performance is very poor.

A recent invention has found a great solution to this problem. A researcher team at the Battery Energy and Storage Technology (Best) Center, Penn have developed a lithium-ion battery that’s high power and safe at the same time. Furthermore, it also has a lasting capacity of 1 million miles.

A different approach

A professor involved in the research and development said that they took a totally different approach for battery development. Another researcher said that they used a two-stage strategy for battery development. The first step was to build a high-powered stable battery with equally stable materials. The next step was to enable the battery for instant heating. One of the members had developed a similar self-heating battery four years ago. Therefore, blending the high-power component with the self-heating mechanism brought about the creation of the High energy Lithium-Ion Battery.

Safety test

The researchers also tested the safety of the battery. The test was carried on with the help of nail penetration equipment. Furthermore, the nail penetration process took place. Therefore, it lead to a short circuit. A temperature monitoring took place. The result was 212 degrees F. Hence, a considerable improvement as the temperature in the standard battery during monitoring was 1832 F.

As the batteries are made of stable materials, they have a long life of a million miles, even at 140 degrees F.

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