Rubber Coated Fabrics Market in World – Industry Outlook, Market Dynamics and Forecast 2022

Industry Insights

Global Rubber Coated Fabrics Market: Snapshot

The global rubber coated fabrics market is prognosticated to invite a growing demand in the near future on account of resistant to degradation, flexibility, elasticity, and durability properties. Some of the major applications of rubber coated fabrics could include protective garments, truck covers, aprons, gymnasium mattresses, lifeboats, boats, rainwear, food conveyor belts, storage bags, and automotive upholstery.

Developing countries in Asia Pacific except Japan (APEJ) are foretold to continue to drive the demand for rubber coated fabrics on the back of improving industrialization and advancement in technology. The swift rise in consumer interest for home interior decoration and swelling public infrastructure expenditure could be key factors improving the demand in the global rubber coated fabrics market. Furthermore, there could be a bettering demand coming from the commercial and industrial sectors in the coming years.

As per the analysis of the report authors, the global rubber coated fabrics market is envisaged to register a CAGR of 5.0% for the forecast period 2017–2022. In 2017, the market had secured a valuation of US$1,593.9 mn. However, by 2022, it is envisioned to reach a US$2,030.6 mn.

Transfer Coating to Overthrow Other Segments with Overpowering Share

The world rubber coated fabrics market is anticipated to be divided according to three categories, i.e. coating type, material type, and application. In terms of coating, the market could receive a strong impetus from the larger revenue share of transfer coating rubber coated fabrics market. By the end of 2022, transfer coating is forecasted to attract a valuation of around US$790.5 mn. However, there could also be other segments in the race of attaining the most share in the market, viz. direct coating and solidification coating.

By type of material, the world rubber coated fabrics market could see a segregation into natural and synthetic segments. In respect of application, there could various classifications for rubber coated fabrics such as industrial, defense and public safety, construction, aerospace, and automotive. Each of these segments are thoroughly evaluated while considering their market size and forecast for the review period 2012–2022. Moreover, the segments are meticulously studied based on Y-o-Y growth, market share, and revenue comparison by region.

APEJ to Introduce as One of Most Attractive Regions in View of Revenue

Regionally, the international rubber coated fabrics market is predicted to find prospects in different regions of the world such as North America, Latin America, APEJ, Europe, and the Middle East and Africa (MEA) and countries such as Japan. According to the expert analysis offered in the publication, APEJ could take a leading position in the market while expanding at a 5.3% CAGR.

Europe could be another lucrative region for the sale of rubber coated fabrics as it is projected to collect a revenue of US$532.1 mn by 2022 end. More is expected of North America and the MEA in terms of share considering their decent growth in the international rubber coated fabrics market. Japan, however, could showcase a lethargic growth in future.

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Important companies such as Montaplast GmbH, Trelleborg AB, Packing Private Limited, Ravasco Transmission, and Zenith Industrial Rubber Products Ltd. are expected to impress with their dominating presence in the worldwide rubber coated fabrics market.

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