Role of Big Data in Transforming Aging Research and Education


Technology is developing continuously. The amount of data created in recent two years is more than in total past period. Researchers at USC Leonard Davis School of Gerontology unveiled the results of their latest study focused on analyzing treasure trove of information. For this study, they used diverse sources. It includes the human genome and brain scans. The main motive of this study was to instigate a revolutionary research on improving our aging. At the same time, transforming gerontology education was next important aim of this research.

Enabling potential Researchers To Make An Impact In Changing Field

Jacobson is one of the gerontology scientists from the USC Leonard Davis School. She is one of the researchers focused on studying huge amount of data to better comprehend aging and the lifespan. This work has key implications for forming better datasets and training students. With this effort, researchers will be able to discover the role of genes in any disease. In addition, they will also be able to study distinct risk elements and grow more specific interventions.

The research carried out at the USC Leonard Davis School.  Jacobson’s work is related to data from Medicare and other openly accessible databases. Her main aim is to comprehend the way health insurance impacts the well-being of elder population. For instance, scientists carried out a study on data obtained from Medicare. They discovered that getting health benefits from Medicare helped lessen financial stress in population with age more than 65.

Moreover, Jacobson is involved in studies on health care providers and their care decisions process in response to diverse outside factors. It includes drug scarcity and novel screening recommendations. She stated, “Gerontology is all set to take on the latest tools—in part as this field has continuously involved big data sets. For instance, my work is dependent on huge population data sets. Novel effort is focused on digitization and making everything obtainable electronically.”

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