Robots to Hum Drones Away

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We have often heard that robots are replacing humans. But, for a change we will have robots replace hummingbirds. Researchers at Purdue University have developed a robot that mimics a hummingbird. They achieved this using machine learning and algorithm.

With the help of Artificial Intelligence, the robot learns to use new tricks with flexible flapping wings. This helps them to move around areas and apply escape tactics.

Features of Hummingbird Robots


Although these robots cannot view anything. They can sense by touching the surface by altering electrical current during each touch. The robots can easily perform just by sensing touching senses, they need not see anything. This can help in disasters to rescue victims especially during nights. Therefore, with the ability to view there’s no need to revise its ability sense, says Xinyan Deng an associate mechanical engineering professor at Purdue University.
Due to their weight, drones cannot install this feature.

Moreover, drones cannot be turned into a smaller version because of the limitations of aerodynamics. The science of humming birds’ robots are completely different than that of a drone. Drone needs high lift and high attack factors in order to perform well. The hummingbird is smaller and they have agile wings. This drives the research team to introduce robots with flapping wings, stated Xinyan Deng.

These robots weighs 12 grams and have 3D printed bodies. They carry the capacity to lift weights that is heavier than their own, 27 grams to be precise. Currently, they are tethered to energy source. However, this will no longer be applicable when the researchers add more features such as sensors such as camera, GPS and battery.

These robots can be used for covert operations because of its ability to fly silently, very similar to natural birds.

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