Robots that can Imagine itself, Capable of Self-Aware making Waves

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Robots are getting even more close to humans. For decades, science fiction has visualized robots to be self-aware that may soon be reality. Human capabilities to imagine themselves in diverse situations is unique. Their imagination allows them to imagine future situations such as taking a stroll on the beach on a sunny day. They can recall past experiences and reflect upon to learn for the future.

Humans and animals, however, are distinct in their demeanor unlike mechanical beings. They acquire and adapt their self-image over a lifetime, whereas robots are mechanical devices that function on the press of series of commands. Most robots learn using human-driven simulators and models, or by trial and error, which is time-consuming and laborious. So far, robots have not learned to simulate themselves as humans do.

Novel Robot capable to Adapt in Myriad Situations

However, a major advancement in robotics is making waves. The development is published in Science Robotics. Columbian Engineering researchers have created a robot that comprehends itself from scratch. This, it does without any prior knowledge of physics, motor dynamics, geometry. Initially, the robot is clueless if it is a spider, snake, or an arm. The training begins with a brief period of babbling. Following this, within a day of intensive computing, the robots creates a self-simulation. As a result, the robot uses the self-simulator internally to study and adapt to a myriad situations. The situation can vary from handling new tasks to detecting and mend damage in its own body.

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