‘Roblox’ Pushes Younger Generation into Coding through Playing Games

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The idea of combining games with education is nothing new, as today’s generation is growing up playing many popular games. With rapid technological advancements today’s educational games are also changing their shapes. Nowadays such educational games are solely based on building children own virtual worlds. Here’s come Roblox. It is basically a platform of coding, integrated with best VR apps for learning virtual reality for children. Moreover, this platform also offers gaming and opportunity to explore Minecraft’s Education Edition.

However Roblox is not aiming at producing games, instead of fueling the imaginations for people. Their innovative 3D experiences offer an immersive, collaborative space for shared experiences.  Roblox’s target is bringing the world together through play, either playing together to produce a game, or playing a game. Furthermore, along with different gaming strategies, the business model of Roblox is also unique. Selling virtual currency to their players and selling things in games is Roblox’s innovative idea of earning. Roblox has also kept a room for making money for people aka developers through redeeming the Robux, the virtual currency.

Roblox Planning to Expand More through Launching Platform in Different Languages

Since the beginning, Roblox intends to teach children coding and program, alongside playing and learning. This platform’s goal is to observe kids’ behavior while they learn through play. Therefore, Roblox is conducting internship programs for working on a new or existing game to collaborate with other developers. Furthermore, they also offer self-guided classes and provide co-learning opportunities for encouraging kids in building their first game.

However other than the kids, Roblox created a Parent’s Guide to help parents creating best Roblox experience for their children. Many parents are encouraging their children through sitting and playing Roblox together in these days.

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