Ro, an Online Pharmacy Secures 85 mn in Series B Funding

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Ro made many headlines last year with its unique and popular online pharmacy model. However, none were bigger than this – it has touched $500 mn in evaluation. Additionally, it secured $85 mn in series B funding.

The company runs an extremely popular men’s health brand, named Roman. It provides online prescription services for uncomfortable conversation starters such as erectile dysfunction (ED). Furthermore, Ro is also known for its famous quit-smoking brand, zero. The brand offers a comprehensive kit with nicotine gum, medication Bupropion, and additional support through its app.

Ro was founded by a dynamic trio of entrepreneurs. These three founders include Rob Schutz, chief executive officer Zachariah Reitano, and Saman Rahmanian in 2017. Ro initially just included a single brand, Roman. Back then, it offered men with online prescriptions of Viagra, generic drugs, and Cialis. These online prescriptions came with a $15 price tag and became an instant hit.

One of its founder Reitano said, he became numb to the embarrassment of erectile dysfunction. Earlier, he strived to put up a brave face. However, later he realized that sharing it releases immense pressure for men.

Online Captures A Softer Side of Men

Ro gained immense popularity since its inception in 2017. Today, the company is one of the few startups which has broken the glass ceiling for successful businesses catering to men’s health. Some of its investors include, Box Group, Initialized Capital, and Slow Ventures.

There are many companies hoping to emulate Ro’s success online. These include startups such as Numan and Manual. These companies are also doing their best to listen to men about health treatments such as hair transplants and ED. These medications reach people’s doorstep discreetly. These promise to change the way uncomfortable subjects like erectile dysfunction and sexual health are handled forever.

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