Rising Use in Food Industry Boosts Growth of Functional Food Ingredients Market

Industry Insights

Rising inclination toward living healthy lifestyle is pushing a wide range of population toward the consumption of food products that offer high nutritional value. As a result, there is increased demand for functional food products. This trend is driving the growth of the global functional food ingredients market.

A functional ingredient is a bioactive compound used to manufacture functional food products. To obtain these bioactive compounds, numerous sources including marine sources, primary produce, inorganic raw materials, and microorganisms are used. Major functional food ingredients are minerals, vitamins, probiotic and dietary fiber, carotenoids, probiotics, omega-3 fatty acids, and proteins. Increased use of functional food ingredients in bakery, dairy, and confectionery products is driving the functional food ingredients market growth.

Governments of many countries have amended regulations related to food and beverage sectors. These changed regulations are supporting the growth of the functional food ingredients market. Besides, rising demand for clean label products is pushing the market growth.

Rising Demand for Convenience and On-The-Go Food Items Stimulates Market Growth

In recent times, there is increased preference among a wide range of global population to consume convenience and on-the-go food items. One of the major reasons behind this shift is hectic lifestyle and measures taken by people to eat food products that offer nutritional value. For instance, nutritional bars are currently popular owing to the health benefits they offer. Thus, rising demand for convenience and on-the-go food items is stimulating the growth of the global functional food ingredients market.

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Many vendors in the global functional food ingredients market are investing in research activities. This move is helping them to innovate new probiotic technologies. As a result, these vendors are successful in increasing their production in a cost-effective manner. This scenario is projected to drive the growth of the global functional food ingredients market.

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