Rising Demand for Potassium Derivatives from Several Application Industries to Drive Overall Market Growth in Near Future

Industry Insights

Manufacturers in the global market for potassium derivatives are now trying to tap into new incremental business opportunities. One of the key opportunities that is arising in the global market is the growing potassium-based de-icers, which are used for ensuring safer air travel. Potassium chloride is projected to dominate the global market with respect to both volume as well as value in the near future. And de-icing acts as a crucial revenue source for the leading manufacturers in the global potassium derivatives market.

Emergence of Potassium Hydroxide De-Icers

The key shareholders in the air travel landscape are growingly making use of potassium based de-icers in order to minimize the risk of sliding away of an aircraft from the runway. Hence, the technique of de-icing is very important for ensuring the safety of the aircraft crew and passengers alike in the regions where there are extremely cold conditions. However, the de-icers have harmful chemical components that are hazardous for the environment. Thus, the manufacturers are now trying to develop new type of de-icers that are made of potassium hydroxide. These potassium hydroxide based de-icers are as effective as the traditional ones and assist in cutting down the harmful impact on the environment. Naturally, this has led to the potassium hydroxide segment to become the second highest revenue generating segment across all other potassium compounds in the global potassium derivatives market.

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The global market for potassium derivatives is expected to witness a highly promising growth in the coming years of the forecast period. With the rising demand from the prominent end use industries such as healthcare and pharmaceuticals, the market growth is expected to witness an upward curve.

Some of the key companies operating in the global potassium derivatives market are Israel Chemicals, Nutrein, K+S Group, Uralkali, Arab Potash, Occidental Chemical Corporation, Superior Plus Corp, Erco Worldwide INC, and Ashta Chemicals.

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