Rising Awareness Regarding Hygiene Presents Lucrative Opportunities for Disinfectant Wipes Market

Industry Insights

Disinfectant wipes are used for personal care, households, baby care, health-care, and food services. It is also used to clean and disinfect surfaces. Commonly methylisothiazolinon is used as preservative in the disinfectant wipes to prevent fungal and bacterial growth in disinfectant wipes. To retain property of the wiped, they are dampened with water. Also, the paper is treated using lotions, softeners, wipes, and chemicals.

Growing number of hygiene-conscious population is fuelling demand for disinfectant wipes in both developed and developing countries. The disinfectant wipes, as the manufacturers clam, is efficient in maintaining hygiene level. Also, it can also be used to clean surface without any fuss.

Outbreak of COVID-19 Fuels Demand for Disinfectant Wipes in Healthcare Facilities

Lately, demand for disinfectant wipes has increased exponentially due to outbreak of COVID-19. Since, the disease is found to be highly transmissible, people are taking extra precaution. Touch is the main source of spread of novel coronavirus, thus demand for disinfectant wipes has increased.

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In addition, it is also being used in hospitals for disinfecting the surfaces. Registering the application rate, the disinfectant wipes market is booming for now. However, the growth rate may flatten, once the spread is under control. Although, modernization in healthcare practices across the globe seems to present lucrative growth opportunity over coming years. These wipes tend to provide better protection than traditional cloth and paper products.

 However, few segments are likely to lead and maintain the growth rate in coming years. Baby wipes is one segment, which is projected to account for prominent share in the global disinfectant wipes market.

Baby wipes is a mild product with which is made from cotton. Personal care is another leading segment, which is anticipated to hold substantial share in the market. Consumer is preferring disinfectant wipes as a far more convenient option to maintain hygiene level. It save times and reduce the use of water. Cost effectiveness of wipes is key factor boosting the adoption rate.

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