Researchers Solve the Age Old Mystery of Immunity Status

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Age is likely to become just a number in the near future. Scientists have discovered a way to identify the age of our immunity system. The research lays down foundation for uncovering the real immunity status of patients.

The immune system is a complex network of various cells. It is critical for a healthy functioning body. Hence, the researching team has developed a metric known as IMM-AGE, which correctly categorizes an individual’s immune status. As a result, this opens a gateway for doctors to correctly predict health risks and mortality.

The researchers uncovered this new metrics by working with health individuals for over 9 years. The team took regular blood sample from 135 individuals and profiled them thoroughly. Various ‘omics technologies’ like functional response of cells, whole blood gene expression, and cell subset phenotyping were used in testing these samples.

The researchers claim that their study provides a reliable indicator of the immune system. Additionally, this research provides a breakthrough insight for patients, doctors and pharmaceutical companies alike.

Using this new research, drug companies can design and undertake new vaccine trials. Furthermore, this research promises to improve older drugs by reformulation. New testing can standardize patient experience and increase effectiveness. According to the scientists at Stanford, the research takes the age-old immunity benchmarks in the field to completely new levels.

Major Implications for the Elderly

Elderly are often at higher risks for various illnesses and the looming uncertainty adds misery to their predicament. Hence, using the new system, researchers were able to correctly predict mortality in a group of 2000 elderly.

The metric system promises to replace chronological age clock with a real biological one. Moreover, the elderly population is expected to rip various benefits along with the young ones. Further, scientists now can identify genes that impact the immunity systems along with lifestyle choices, and medications. New opportunities for drug development are likely to emerge in the near future.

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