Researchers discover matter-wave polaritons to throw light on photonic quantum technologies

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The development of experimental platforms that helps in the advancement of field of quantum science and technology has its own advantages and challenges similar to any new technology. The development of matter-wave polaritons in an optical maze, an experimental discovery that enables understanding of a central QIST framework through direct quantum simulation employing ultracold atoms.

According to findings of researchers, new quasiparticles that strongly imitate interacting with photons in matter and devices but evade some of the intrinsic challenges will assist the further advancement of QIST platforms that are considered to change computing and computing technology.

The findings of the study are published in Nature physics.

The research throws light on fundamental polariton properties and related many body phenomena that are related, and it opens up new possibilities to understand polaritonic quantum substances.

Meanwhile, photon-based QIST platforms have a key challenge. While photons can be ideal to carry quantum information, they normally do not interact with each other. The lack of this interaction also challenges the controlled exchange of quantum information between them.

This led scientists to find a way around by coupling the photons for heavier excitation in materials, thus leading to the formation of polaritons between light and matter.

The collision between heavier quasiparticles then makes it possible for the effective interaction of photons. This can enable the execution of photon-based quantum gate operations and ultimately of a complete QIST infrastructure.

However, the limited functional life of photon-based polaritons as a result of their radiative pairing with the environment remains a key challenge. This leads to uncontrolled spontaneous decomposition and decoherence.

The published polariton study completely evades such limitations due to spontaneous decay. The photon aspect of polaritons is completely transmitted by atomic matter waves, for which decay processes are non-existent.

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