Researchers demonstrate stackable holobricks make giant 3D images

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In a new development, researchers have developed a new technique to exhibit extremely realistic holographic images. The technique involves using ‘holobricks’ that can be stacked to create large-scale holograms.

The proof-of-concept holobrick developed by researchers from Disney Research and University of Cambridge demonstrates how holograms can be tied together to form a large seamless 3D image.

In fact, this is the first time the technology has been demonstrated and opens the door for holographic 3D displays that can be scaled up. The results of the study are reported in the journal Light: Science & Applications.

Meanwhile, as technology advances, people desire to have high-quality visual experiences from 2D high resolution TV to 3D holographic virtual or augmented reality, and large true 3D displays. The displays need to support a significant amount of data streaming: the information data rate is nearly three gigabits per second for a 2D full HD display, but a 3D display of the same resolution requires a rate of three terabits every second, which is not yet available.

Holographic displays can recreate high quality images for a real 3D visual experience. In fact, holographic images are considered the ultimate display technology to connect the virtual and real worlds for immersive experiences.

Meanwhile, to deliver an adequate 3D experience using current technology is a huge challenge. Over the past ten years, the research team is working with their industrial partners to create holographic displays. These displays allow the realization of large field-of-view and large size simultaneously, which needs to be matched with a hologram with a large optical information content.

Nonetheless, current holograms information features content which is much more than the display functionalities of current light engines due to their limited bandwidth and space product.

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