Researchers demonstrate functional characteristics of new paper-thin loudspeaker


In a recent development, engineers at MIT have developed a loudspeaker as thin as paper. The device can convert any surface into an active audio source.

The loudspeaker of thin film generates sound with minimal distortion while using a fraction of energy needed by traditional loudspeaker. The loudspeaker of the size of a hand weighs as much as a dime, and can produce high-quality sound irrespective of the surface the film is attached to, demonstrated the team.

Importantly, the researchers pioneered an ambiguous simple fabrication technique to achieve the properties. The technique involves only three basic steps and can be increased to manufacture ultrathin loudspeakers big enough to conceal the wallpaper of a room or inside of an automobile.

Installed this way, thin thin-film loudspeaker could provide counteracting of clamorous environments such as airplane cockpit. The loudspeaker produces sound of the same amplitude but opposite phase for the two sounds to neutralize each other.

The flexible gadget could also be used for immersive entertainment by means of providing 3D audio in a theme park ride or theatre. The lightweight feature of the loudspeaker requires small amount of power to function, for the device to be well-suited for applications in smart devices with limited battery life.

The slender sheet of paper when two clips attached to it, plugged into the headphone port of the computer resulting in hearing sounds emanating is a remarkable feeling. The loudspeaker can be used anywhere. It only requires a smidgeon of electrical power to operate.

On the other hand, a typical loudspeaker in an audio system or headphones uses electric current inputs that pass through a coil of wire to generate a magnetic field.

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