Research examines efficacy of robotic device for rehabilitation

Industry Insights

Inrobics Social Robotics S.L.L. is a spin-off of a team of researchers that provides a novel motor and cognitive rehabilitation service that can be used at health centers and at home. The robotic device was created using research undertaken by the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the Universidad Carlos 111 de Madrid.

The team of entrepreneurial researchers has developed a platform composed of four elements: A robot that interacts with patients, an AI system that uses 3D sensor to control the robot, a cloud-based storage system which contains data and analytics from all rehabilitation processes, and an application that can be utilized by healthcare staff to book and track sessions. The 3D sensor of the robotic device allows to keep track of the patient’s movement at all times. For example, if a patients raises the arm it also informs that they the patient turn their spine to balance the difficulty to do so.

The detailed information of clinical abilities of the robotic device is compiled and entered into reports that are generated.

Importantly, the use of robotic device is to improve rehabilitation therapies with the help of imitation-based activities and a sequence of exercises, and to provide additional tools for healthcare staff to optimize the sessions. For example, for patients who are like children interacting with a robot is an experience of playing with a toy? It never feels like going to the hospital for rehabilitation, instead feels like going to play. This is the added value of the device.

In addition, the use of robotic device helps to enrich the working situation for the therapist as tools that are adapted to specific for patient’s profiles are often not available.

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