Research develops new all-in-one electronic chip for a step closer to all-inclusive AI device


Beyond imagination, artificial intelligence technology now brings machine learning, processing, imaging, and memory on one electronic chip. The prototype of the electronic chip absorbs artificial intelligence technology by emulating the way the human brain processes visual information. For the pilot, the nanoscale advancement combines the core software for artificial intelligence with image seizing hardware in a single electronic device.

With further development in the electronic chip, the light-powered prototype could enable smaller and smarter autonomous technologies like robotics and drones, and also smart wearables and bionic transplants such as artificial retinas.

“The new technology thoroughly boosts accuracy and efficiency by combining multiple functionalities and components into a single platform,” said the lead researcher behind the innovation.

In fact, the innovation brings us one step closer to an all-inclusive AI device. The device is inspired by the human brain – nature’s greatest computing innovation.

Research aims to develop prototype close to human brain

The ultimate aim is to replicate a core feature of the human brain, how it learns though imprinting vision as memory.

Meanwhile, the prototype that is developed is a major step forward towards neurorobotics, and towards better technologies for scalable bionic systems and human-machine interaction.

At its core, artificial intelligence typically depends on software and off-site data processing. The prototype of the electronic chip aims to integrate intelligence and electronic hardware together, for speedy on-site decisions. For example, a dash cam in a car integrated with such neuro-inspired hardware can recognize signs, objects, lights, and makes instant decisions, without requiring to connect to the internet.

Such advancement to bring all features on one chip can bring unprecedented levels of speed and efficiency in AI-driven and autonomous decision making.

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