Research develop game-changing neurostimulator for patient care


Following the outcome of a collaborative initiative involving researchers at University of Queensland, a number of neurological conditions such as chronic depression, Parkinson’s, and other psychiatric conditions can be managed at home.

A team of researchers at Queensland Brain Institute along with researchers at Abbott Neuromodulation and Neurosciences Queensland have developed a remote care platform that allows patients to access treatment from any location in the world.

The development of the world’s first completely wireless and integrated remote care platform has removed the need for patients to visit the doctor in-person to adjust their devices, stated the lead associate behind the study.

The functioning of platform involves surgical insertion of electrodes into the brain and transmitting electrical stimulation using a pacemaker which alters brain function to provide therapeutic relief and improve quality of life. With this structure, the digital platform allows patients to monitor patients distantly, as well as adjust the device to treat and mitigate symptoms in real time.

Using the platform, it enables to minimize disruption for everyday routine of patients and caregivers by increasing accessibility to the service, and at the same time save time and money.

Importantly, there is no cure for many neurological conditions that often require long-term treatment and care, and thus the device would be a game-changer.

Personalized treatment and data-driven clinical decisions that could improve patient care are some other offerings of the system.

Meanwhile, during the course of the study, platform safety, usability and effectiveness, and security were established and its features optimized using feedback in biodesign process.

The initial weeks of limited market release of the device involved conducting 58 remote care sessions during which it displayed robust and high success rate.

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