Renewables become Leading Source of Electricity in EU, Says Study


According to a data published in a new report, in the first half of this year, renewable energy sources such as the sun and wind, surpassed fossil fuels in the European Union as the main source of energy. Precisely, renewable sources – solar, wind, hydro, and bioenergy accounted for 40% of electricity generated in the European Union, versus 34% generated using fossil fuels.

Meanwhile, the amount of electricity generated by renewable sources in the 27 member states of the EU shot by 11 percent between January and June.

This accomplishment is the result of new solar and wind installations, with mild and windy favorable weather conditions during start of the year.

Meanwhile, solar and wind alone accounted for a record 21 percent of total electricity generation in Europe, with even higher penetration in Ireland, Germany, and Denmark.

On the other hand, use of fossil fuels diminished by 18 per cent squeezed by two reasons: rising renewable electricity generation and drop in electricity demand due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

As a result of this, carbon dioxide emissions due to electricity generation from the 27 member nations of the EU fell by about 23 percent. “This marks the beginning of transition of the electricity sector in Europe,” said an associate from Ember.

Wind and Solar replace Coal for Renewables to surpass

“In a period of only nine years, there is a marked change when fossil fuels produced twice as much as electricity generated by renewables. The fast progress of renewables generating more electricity than fossil fuels is driven by solar and wind replacing coal.

Nevertheless, the pace of change from fossil fuels to renewables varied from country to country,” added Ember.

Meanwhile, the phase-out of coal gathered momentum in all EU member states, falling by 32 percent, Poland became leading coal generator in Europe after Germany.

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